Old Lp Records Worth Any Money

List of most valuable records This article has. Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin LP. these are estimated to be worth upwards of £10,000 each.

How Much Are Your Old Records Really Worth?. buy used 45s or any LPs/12. obviously used records described above is not what money they will fetch but the.

Here at Watson records we're always looking to purchase new record collections or single vinyl records but we've found that many collectors are unsure whether their classical records are valuable or not. So we have compiled our record collectors' guide to vinyl records. As you may know, every artist is signed to a record.

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Like any artist worth their weight in gold records, though, the band turned the dichotomous charm of fame into material for their sophomore LP, Only the Lonely. “We did some digging into some old Rolling Stones performances and.

The 11-track LP gives off an old school vibe and tells numerous stories of a love. Adele’s third studio album has already broken records – peaking at number one on the Billboard charts and selling more than 4,000,000 albums to.

Dusty Groove regularly purchases used vinyl records, LPs, 7" and 12" singles, and CDs from our customers and we pay top dollar for vintage, rare, obscure, We buy used vinyl records and used CDs in our store every day, so feel free to stop during our daily buying hours with anything in the styles we like to buy that you.

Box of 78rpm records. The true value of these old records is ably demonstrated by observation at your local household estate auction house. A shiny condition NZ-pressed Elvis record could be worth up to $50 but with the very scarce original picture sleeve is worth real money – possibly over $300. Many other artists are.

Perhaps your hippie parents have a whole basement full of boxes of rock and roll records that, despite their musky odor, must be worth tons of money. Well, you had better. Almost all garage sales have a box of old showtunes on vinyl for a couple bucks each. You'll need to listen to them all for any subtle surface noise.

“Abbey Road” has an iconic LP cover and features “Come Together,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Something” and the classic album-closing medley (“You Never Give Me Your Money,” “Carry. the most of any Springsteen album.

Ahead of record collectors getting their hands on the LP on Friday (October 27), HipHopDX caught up with. would just buy those CDs from me at top value, even if they weren’t top value, just to put that money in pocket because they.

Vinyl Records Value Categories. Click any of the links. the impression that “old records” must be worth more. Beatles records are worth a lot of money,

Jan 10, 2014. For the average consumer, it's hard to understand why vinyl, unlike any other formats, gets so expensive so quickly. The attorney isn't going to blink at a $30 price tag for a record, but if you're the 19-year-old staring at a deluxe vinyl price when you can pick up the CD for $10 or rip it online for free, it might.

There are at least ten vinyl records that could be worth $1,000 to $20,000!. Old Gold? 10 Vinyl Records That Could Be Worth $1,000 Or More!. Meet The Supremes LP.

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Complete Vinyl Records Discography and Price guide for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Band Of Gypsies and related artists.

Perhaps the fact that their records outsold those of the Beatles in 1967, the year of Sgt. Pepper, prompted the backlash. But one listen to their music, old. any band, real or otherwise, could only wish for. It’s a hell of a legacy. And it’s a.

On this page, we list a bunch of stuff with average prices we might pay for those items. These prices can change at any time depending on supply and demand, and are only round numbers anyway. The only way we can give you a fixed price for your used items is to bring them in and have us take a look and make an offer.

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And by large we mean 500+ records that have not been damaged by smoke, cat pee or mold please. As fior 78s, very few of them have much value, so don't be offended if we offer pennies. 78s need to be in excellent condition to be worth anything and usually only jazz, blues, R & B and old timey country & western records.

My friend definitely knew how to make crappy stuff awesome. At the Daily Green. plastic milk crates used to hold records (LPs) or to store other stuff; cement blocks and old fence boards or barnwood bookcases and stereo.

You’ll find barware, records, kitchenware. I purchase the items from the homeowner. It’s old-fashioned commerce. I give you money for things that you don’t think are worth anything. Can you give me an example of something.

For instance, online database and exchange Discogs processed sales of about 5.4 million vinyl records in 2015. The hand-me-down route tends to be cheaper for vinyl gear, too. "You can definitely get more for your money. LPs.

There are at least ten vinyl records that could be worth $1,000 to $20,000!. Old Gold? 10 Vinyl Records That Could Be Worth $1,000 Or More!. Meet The Supremes LP.

. to give you an idea of how much your old records may be worth, What your old records are worth now. from breaking finance news to money-saving tricks.

Vinyl is being embraced by a new generation who prefer to spin a record than plug into downloads, but as sales overtake downloads how can you spot the old albums.

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Records have changed size and shape through the years. The cylinder-shaped phonograph record for use with the early Edison models was made about 1889. Disc records were first made by 1894, the double-sided disc by 1904. High- fidelity records were first issued in 1944, the first vinyl disc in 1946, the first stereo.

17 years full of hype, rumors, and personnel changes eliminated any chance Guns. you this now six-year-old LP is a masterpiece. But at the very least, it does contain many innovative and exciting songs that are well worth a second.

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Few 10-inch 78rpm records released by Columbia have survived. The record came inside a green sleeve cover showing a small girl dreaming of a hippo by a Christmas tree. Christmas Album by The Beatles. Released by Apple Records in December 1970. The LP is a compilation of recordings the band had sent out to fans between 1963 and 1969.

These rare albums are probably worth more than your entire collection. 10 Records You Might Have Owned That Are Now Worth a. a 12-year-old boy in Japan,

The records worth more. The past few years has seen a surge in the numbers of vinyl records sold as old-school. “Tinkerbells Fairydust LP” by.

Music lovers who still have a vinyl record collection may want to check for these hidden gems. You could be sitting on a gold mine!

Jun 11, 2012  · 3. Elvis Presley: Elvis’ Christmas Album LP. The King’s very first of two Christmas albums released in 1957 features a specialty red vinyl record and can be worth up to $18,000. 2. The Rolling Stones: “Street Fighting Man” 45″ The 45 with the picture sleeve for The Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” can be worth up to $18,000. 1.

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Jun 11, 2012  · 3. Elvis Presley: Elvis’ Christmas Album LP. The King’s very first of two Christmas albums released in 1957 features a specialty red vinyl record and can be worth up to $18,000. 2. The Rolling Stones: “Street Fighting Man” 45″ The 45 with the picture sleeve for The Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” can be worth up to $18,000. 1.

Santi "Santigold" White discusses how she’s confronting consumer culture with a wink on her new LP. Credit. Which of your records was darker? Why do you think that was? I don’t consider both of my old albums to be darker. I think.

Vinyl records from the 80’s aren’t worth very much for example. Often $10 and under. But records from the 70’s have some intrinsic vintage value. The 60’s, even more so. And so on, and so forth. There are exceptions to this rule. So many in fact that it really can’t be called a rule.

I have my fair share of LPs and 45s and. It’s worth noting that I didn’t buy (or sell) anything at that vintage vinyl shop, and that’s probably just as well. I’ll need the money I saved (and my records as collateral) just to put a down.

Cover, or picture sleeve, if applicable, is graded first, then vinyl. I take great pains in trying to accurately describe all records listed, and if you have any problems whatsoever, just return it/them and I will happily refund your money, less shipping charges. Also, if for some reason you do not agree that my price on any particular.

Two Very Rare, Weird, and Valuable Elvis Records. is HELP ME- and if you talk in tour sleep Is it worth any money?. in Elviv lp records. Phil.

Apr 16, 2015. Plus, the industry figures you see in articles like this one hardly ever factor in expenses, which—including anything from production, marketing, and artist fees, to venue costs and road crew. Though U.S. listeners still sometimes refer to vinyl record players as phonographs, the gramophone won.

While not all of them are worth a lot of money, some are; read. MESSAGES;. How to Sell Old Phonograph Records. Buy Used LP Records.

Mar 21, 2014. On any given Tuesday in the 90s, I would hustle to the record store after school to gawk at the new releases. Occasionally, I would take a. It seems that in a world where CDs are obsolete, and digital files are intangible, the vinyl record still has a physical value that gives you your money's worth. If the music.

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Buying Vinyl today, or anything that makes more money than most similar items, you really do need to be sure you are actually buying the Original if you are paying a price that the. All we can say is read this page carefully & look at our Record Sales Pictures simply as an idea of what the Original Vintage Vinyl looks like.

For the record. From Abba to ZZ Top, Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 8th edition, provides more than 100,000 listings, detailed descriptions and values to American-released vinyl albums. This completely vetted and massive guide features: Current values and listings for 100,000 American vinyl albums released since.

Wondering what your old RECORD ALBUMS are worth? Search our guide to 33-1/3 RPM Record Albums. Learn the value of your old Record Albums.

You could make a few bob selling your old records, says Emily Bater. Jarrett says it pays to look at the Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide, which comes out every two years, to see if your vinyl is worth anything before trying to sell it to shops. First or rare pressings, reissues and limited edition releases all fetch hefty.

Independent hip-hop was selling, records were selling and the music-obsessed 26-year-old was. The LP covers were hand made in California and the vinyl was pressed in New York so coordinating everything was a logistical nightmare.

But it’s not snobbery on any level. I have records. of the LP. Yesterday I got my copy of Live in Cook County Jail – the vinyl. I have it for my collection now. Last night we blasted it while bathing the baby. He isn’t yet five months old but.

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That record is worth $200. There are dozens of rare Hank Williams vinyls that are valued starting at $50. A version of his Sings vinyl is worth a whopping $200. Patsy Cline has.

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Oct 14, 2013. It's the most anyone has ever spent on a 78 rpm record and one of the highest prices paid for any record. Tefteller, who. When someone is shocked or awed to see that a record sold for $37,100, because that is a large amount of money in anybody's bank account, on one hand you could say, "That's nuts.

What, an entire shelf’s worth. money on albums not knowing whether they’ll be good or not. You speak to people, and get to know their recommendations and opinions, and ultimately make friends. It’s a vastly more social experience.

Mar 4, 2015. Price gouging? Not according to Better Records owner Tom Port. He thinks a thousand bucks is a bargain to hear a classic rock opus sound better than. a vintage record will sound like, from the chain of ownership and whether it's been properly stored to the purity of the vinyl stock and the quality of the.