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Designing spells is an art and Witches can get very creative. Underneath it all, however, there are certain principles to which you have to adhere for it.

Banishing is a basic skill that all witches should cultivate, it’s one of the cornerstones of our practice and often one of the first things we learn as new witches.

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Welcome to your online Book of Shadows, with Wiccan and pagan magic spells.This is a collection of free spells for the beginner, the intermediate or the advanced practitioner.

From the author of the Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him—the spell that became a social media phenomenon viewed by millions of people—this book provides spells,

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Puzuzu brings you a beginners guide on how to get started in Spells and Magic and use this site to help you. Click on the link in each paragraph to learn more of.

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When I decided to start teaching witchcraft, it surprised me how little of the basics most witches know today. I didn’t know where to start.

Simple love spells are what you need when you are short of time or supplies

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From The Temple of Dreaming Wizard, Dear aspiring magician, Are you tired of trying different magic spells and reading different books and.

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Introduction: Understanding Witchcraft for Beginners. A Witchcraft Primer: Magic and Spellcasting Basics Thinking about studying Witchcraft, magic, and spell work?

At times we all need some extra protection from the stresses and strains of life, as well as the energies we connect to when we practice magic.